The Forgotten Hero |
Terizla Mobile Legends

"The world should be enshrouded in darkness."


Terizla is one of the most sturdy and hard to kill Mobile Legends hero. He is amongst the heroes who are so hard to kill, that with right build, they can even be played as a tank. But in the case of Terizla, he is not very popular. Whereas his son, Julian, is currently amongst the most banned heroes right now. In terms of skill and damage, he is no less then any other heroes. He can be played in the EXP Lanes, in the Jungle or as a roaming tank. He can take a lot of damage for his teammates because of his damage reduction passive, which makes him more sturdy.

On the 27th of June, 2022, Terizla received a buff on his 2nd and 3rd skill from Moonton. He soon started to be seen as a menace in the battle. He was being played in every match. This new update finally did justice to The Guard of Abyss. But Moonton, saw that he is getting out of control and decided to nerf him again resulting in his decrease in his popularity yet another time.

Mobile Legends has introduced us to many new heroes which are just better pick then Terizla. They can do damage, push turrets, push ranks and has changed the meta system again and again. But MLBB can bring him back to spotlight with a few changes again. Let's discuss in detail about these changes:

Why is he not used much in matches?

One of the reasons why he is not picked often is his slowness. Terizla has very slow attacks and you cannot use attack speed items on him either because his passive would convert it to physical attack. Another reason is that he does not have mobility or any skill to leave the fight or battle quickly. His only advantage is his early game sturdiness and painful damage. Their are a lot of different heroes which just a better choice against Terizla. Players will play different heroes most of the time but at the moment, it doesn't seem like he is a good counter pick against any hero. His attacks can very easily be dodged. One good thing coming for him in the later patch is that his skill 2 will no longer be interrupted by any CC skills other than Suppressed.

Can he be brought back to spotlight?

There are so many heroes with unique abilities and traits, which are simply overwhelming. Each hero is different yet similar to another and there are so many other things. He is being over shadowed by a lot of heroes. The new released hero Fredrinn is a prime example. He is also a sturdy hero which can be played as tank or damage dealer. But he simply has better skill sets then Terizla. This doesn't mean he can't be brought back to life.

How can Terizla's popularity be increased again?

First off, Moonton developers should fix his slow attacks and movement speed. His attacks are very easy to dodge which is a problem since most players nowadays use Marksmen and Assassins. His initiation skills are also not the best. His ultimate is his only source of initiation which is very easy to miss because of his slow attacks. His 2nd skill also doesn't do 100% damage on minions which leaves us to play him as a roamer but his roaming skills are also not good enough. If they fix his 2nd skills' damage on minions, He can also be played on XP Lane as well.

Is Terizla still playable in Ranked matches?

Yes. Terizla can still be played in Ranked matches with common game sense and practice. He is best to be played as a roamer. You can play him in lower ranks until you reach Epic. However, you should consider other heroes to play after you reach Epic because there are simply just better options. You can use other heroes and build the perfect team still.

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