Is Beatrix Shotgun and Sniper DEAD? |
Beatrix Mobile Legends

"It requires some extra efforts to be the protagonist."


Beatrix is the most popular Marksmen in the entire Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. She is the amongst the most picked and most banned heroes of all time. Recently, people were using Shotgun and Sniper Beatrix to literally BULLY their opponents. So Moonton picked this up and wanted to make her less of a maniac onto the battlefield. In the next MLBB update, they have slightly changed her weapons to give the opponent a slight chance to fight back for their life while against a Beatrix.

Today, we are here to discuss whether Beatrix will face a downfall or she will stay the same.

One thing which seems like a good buff is that now upon building Attack Speed items such as Windtalker, Golden staff, Corrosion scythe etc.. Beatrix will have a decreased reload timing. It is technically a buff for the Submachine gun, Nibiru. She can deal huge amount of damage and at the same time continuously. It affects all her guns and not just one gun.

In advanced server, a new update was released which is soon to be public, that Shotgun (Wesker) and Sniper (Renner) were nerfed. Now many people are arguing over if this will kill Beatrix. The description of these two guns in advance server says:

Sniper - Renner

Renner Basic Attack - Longshot: Fire a powerful shot in the enemy's current direction, dealing (+360% Total Physical Attack) - (+465% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first target

Whereas in Official Servers, it is as:

Renner Basic Attack - Longshot: Fire a powerful shot in the enemy's current direction, dealing (+350% Total Physical Attack) - (+525% Total Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the first target

Above, we can see the difference between the damage. It went from 350-525 to 360-465. Kind of strong in the early game and less damage in the late game. Her Sniper now has a wider hitbox, so it's now somewhat easier to hit her sniper bullets.

Renner's Ultimate:

The cooldown has been reduced from 20s to 8s. Cancelling the skill returns 50% of the cooldown. Lifesteal has been reduced from 50% to 25%

Shotgun - Wesker

Although for her Shotgun, namely Wesker, is not a nerf in the damage. The nerf is her hitbox which has been decreased to 75% so now you'll need to be a lot closer to the enemy to deal maximum damage. This does not make Wesker dead, instead, now you have to camp even more professionally and deal damage from closer, which still doesn't seem to bad afterall. One thing which has changed for Wesker though is, damage dealt to targets hit multiple times decay to 50% instead of 40%.

Wesker's Ultimate:

Ultimate hitbox decreased to 75%. Lifesteal reduced from 50% to 25%.

Rocket Launcher - Bennett

Bennett's Basic Attack now deal 230-300% Physical Attack instead of 180-320%.

Bennett's Ultimate:

Moonton also buffed Bennett's slow effect from 30% slow to 40%.

Sub-machine gun - Nibiru

Nibiru's Basic Attack has been buffed. It now deals damage 52.5-70% Physical damage instead of 50-67.5%.

Nibiru's Ultimate:

Shot volleys have been changed from 4 to 10.

How has this changed Beatrix?

With this changes, it seems Mobile Legends developers wants Beatrix users to use Sub-machine gun with a lot of attack speed items, since she will be benefiting so much from it. Shotgun has not been so bad of a nerf because now you have to get a lot closer then usual to deal max damage, which does not seem to big of a deal. Sniper has now less damage but you can still one-shot fighters with no defense. So overall, this does not do much against the best marksmen in mobile legends. Mostly because one side of her got nerfed and the other buffed, so she'll be alright with the buffed side at least.